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Tuesday 23 October 2018

The Foundation of a Good Salesperson

The foundation of a good salesperson can be summed up in one word…


Morals are a person’s standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do. In order to truly succeed in sales, you must have morals.

I have to admit, it took me a while to establish my morals, but once I did, everything started to fall into place and my ability to sell improved tremendously. Your morals will determine the way you conduct yourself and in turn, determine your sales success.

You have to have respect for everyone

Make sure you give everyone respect no matter who they are!

Listen to the customer

Pay close attention to what people are saying and let them finish talking before you begin to say something. Don’t cut them off while they’re talking because that is just rude and it can make you lose the sale without you even realizing it.

Money cannot be your sole motivation

If you do not have compassion for others, you will not succeed in sales. People buy products because they have a need, and as a salesperson, you must meet those needs. You have to have a desire to help people and provide them a product that they will benefit from. A successful sale is a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer. It’s even better when the customer wins more than the salesman because that is how you get repeat business and establish relationships. Customers spend their hard-earned cash and you have to take that into consideration before selling them anything. Meeting their needs is more important than meeting your sales quota!

Do not sell something you don’t believe in

You better believe in your product! Personally, I refuse to sell anything I don’t believe in because I find it harder to sell something that I wouldn’t even buy. I have to be sure that the product I’m selling is good and can really benefit the customer. When you sell something, make sure it is worth buying. If not, you will not only be a shady salesperson, but you will also be a deceitful liar who preys on vulnerable customers to make yourself some money.

I was once asked to become a salesman for an investment club that was starting up. All I had to do was find people who would invest money, and I would get a commission. The investment club was started by two individuals who were going to invest the pool of money, and charge a commission from the profits. I thought it would be a good opportunity for people who wanted to invest money but didn’t know how, so I was interested in the job and agreed to meet with the founders to discuss it further. During the meeting, I found out that they were planning on investing the money they received from the people on stock options. Although stock options can produce high returns, I immediately changed my mind about selling this product because I believe that investing in stock options is a gamble and I didn’t want to get people to invest their hard-earned cash for someone else to gamble with it. I never took the job because I didn’t believe in the product and I knew I would feel guilty if they lost money through this investment club.

Be Humble

As you begin to make more and more sales, not only will your income grow, but so will your ego. It is normal for your ego to grow as you deserve to be proud of yourself for achieving success, but you have to be consciously aware of it. You must realize that it is happening and take a second to think about it because despite all the success you may have, you shouldn’t think you’re better than anyone. Make sure that you are grateful for achieving success and treat every customer the same regardless of the amount of money they have to spend.

Have Love for People

If you don’t care about people, you don’t belong in a career like sales where all you do is interact with others. You have to love your customers because they are the ones forking over their money and providing you the income to spend on yourself and your family. Not only that, you wouldn’t want someone to fool you or a loved one into buying something they don’t need.

I have a health food store where I sell vitamins and dietary supplements, and the greatest satisfaction I get is when people come back to me and tell me that the product I recommended helped them out. Sometimes people pick an item that is more expensive and I offer them one that costs less if I feel like it’s going to benefit them more. I even tell them to save their money because they can get good results with another product that is less expensive. They see that I’m honest with them and I don’t recommend a product just to make the sale. As a result, they trust what I say, and take my recommendations seriously.

Keep it real

Morals are not something that you can fake. In order to achieve success in sales, you must conduct yourself in a respectable manner. Acting can only take you so far, you have to establish your morals and believe them in your heart. Even if you act well and you can fool customers from time to time, the subconscious mind will pick up on it and they’ll know that something doesn’t feel right. After establishing your morals, you have to make the shift to genuinely believe and follow them.

Having morals establishes trust which establishes long-term relationships. Long-term relationships lead to referrals and a growing customer base. When you treat your customers well and go out of your way to make them happy, they will take note of that and tell others about your excellent service. One referral leads to another and thats how word-of-mouth starts. Once the word-of-mouth begins, give it time, keep doing what you’re doing, and you will see that it spreads like wildfire.

Don’t think of yourself as a salesperson. You are a consultant who attends to your customers to help them make the best choice and have a positive buying experience.

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    Well-written reflections with practical and sage advice.


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