Friday 21 October 2016

Negotiation Is About People

Negotiation is about people. You need to connect with the people you are negotiating with in order to get the deal. The most important person in a negotiation is the person you’re negotiating with and the least important is yourself. What I mean is that you have to pay close attention to the other person so that you can find useful information that will help you establish rapport and negotiate better.

Here are some techniques to interact better with the people in a negotiation:

Figure out what the other person is thinking:

You need to see things from the other person’s point of view by figuring out the situation and emotional state the person is in. Figure out what the other person is feeling, how they perceive the situation and what is the picture in their heads.

Connect with individuals:

Focus on individuals rather than viewing the negotiators as a company or group. Making a human connection will bring you closer to your goals. If you are negotiating with a group, focus on the individuals in the group because each person is different and unique so you have to talk to them as individuals.

Find Third Party Influences

The third party is a person or group the people you are negotiating with think they must defer to in some way. A third party is someone they may seek approval or reassurance from such as a boss, spouse, colleagues, and friends. Often, the third party is invisible to the negotiator. You need to account for these people to achieve your goals when negotiating because they play a major role in the negotiation process, and if you don’t find out about the third party, it can be detrimental to your deal.

Value The Person You Are Negotiating With By Acknowledging His/Her Power

When you value the people you are negotiating with, it will get them to want to help you out and give you more. You must acknowledge the other person and show that you recognize their value. For example, if you are negotiating with a CEO, you should acknowledge that being a CEO is a big accomplishment. Acknowledging their accomplishments will show them that you value them.

When you are negotiating, you need to search deeper to find things about the other party that you can use to your advantage. You have to be observant to find out the other person’s motives in the negotiation. Find all the factors that take part in the negotiation; not just the obvious ones, but also the invisible ones that determine whether you will get the deal or not. Human interactions are vital to the negotiation process and your techniques need to be targeted towards individuals to make your negotiations successful.

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