Wednesday 26 October 2016

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Set Up Your Fishing Poles and Make More Money

The expression “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is often used when speaking about diversification in business.  Financial security depends on diversification because it limits the risk of losing everything you have.  The problem I have with that …

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When a Founder Hurts his Business

Entrepreneurship is the outcome of an idea.  An idea that is perceived to have enough value that it’s worth going into business for.  There have been many cases where

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Small Business Guide For Retail Stores

In today's world, having a small business is getting more and more difficult.  As technology advances, the internet is becoming more accessible through mobile devices such as

7 Tips To Improve Communication Skills

Communication skills are critical to our everyday life. Being a skilled communicator will get you far and bring you tremendous success.

Here are 7 tips to improve your communication

Negotiation Is About People

Negotiation is about people. You need to connect with the people you are negotiating with in order to get the deal. The most important person in a negotiation

5 Effective Sales Techniques

Often, we are approached by salespeople who are obviously selling to us for the sole purpose of making money. These salespeople could care less about selling the consumers

Build Your Network

Building your network will build your career. You must create your network to excel in this world. Networking is getting known by those who can help you build your

Listen for Sales

Listening is the most important thing to do in selling, yet it is also the most overlooked. It is often said that one should listen to discover

Google Offers vs Groupon

Groupon provides a service where people can purchase coupons for a wide variety of goods and services at a discount. People go there to find deals

Don’t Just Own The Business, Be The Business!

In today's world, business is getting tougher as the competition is now more