Wednesday 23 April 2014

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7 Tips To Improve Communication Skills

Communication skills are critical to our everyday life. Being a skilled communicator will get you far and bring you tremendous success.

Here are 7 tips to improve your communication skills:

Deliver a Presentation:

Communicate as if you’re making a presentation. Captivate and inspire your audience. Whether its on the phone, in person, during a negotiation, and even when texting and emailing; you must articulate your message and make it come alive in their minds. People have a short attention span, and you must entertain and influence them with your speech. Make your audience follow what you’re saying so that they pay attention and understand your message.

Implement People Skills:

The ability to connect with most people is critical to communication. You have to read people when you meet them and find out how they want to be treated. Your people skills may not work with all personalities; you have to learn to adjust and customize your approach. We tend to connect with people who are similar to us. People will connect with you when they feel you can relate to them or have something in common with them.

Persuade and Influence:

True influence is not forceful or manipulative, it is truly beneficial to both parties. You must learn to gain influence over others and inspire them to take action. Everything you say, everything you do, and how you make people feel will affect how they feel about you. In order to enhance your influence, you must help people influence themselves. Discover their true needs by focusing on asking them more questions, and reading their body language.

Tell a Story:

Create an image in the minds of your audience when you speak. Stories draw people in and make them understand your message. When people hear a well-told story, they automatically tune in and want to know what happens next. When you deliver a well-told story, you will be able to influence people and touch their hearts with your message. Your story should engage emotions to make people connect with you and your message. This will catch the attention of your audience and make them more receptive. The key is to tell a story that will inspire listeners to reach the same conclusion you have reached.

Make Eye Contact:

Eye contact allows you to converse without speaking. Making eye contact is essential to communicate effectively. Communication is enhanced when you engage eye contact, and it gives you the ability to create an instant connection with people. When you make eye contact with people, they tend to think that you care or that you are speaking directly to them. This helps them feel important and also increases trust.

Listen to Others:

Listening allows you to discover everything you need to know to help, change, or influence others. When you listen to people, you will be able to gain their trust, inspire, and motivate them. People feel more respected and valued when you listen to what they have to say. Listening to others gives you the opportunity to learn how they think so that you can communicate with them in a way that increases their understanding.

Create Rapport:

Rapport is a harmonious relationship in which people communicate well. When you create rapport and others feel comfortable around you, your communication becomes more effective. Rapport creates trust and puts you and your audience on the same page. Rapport makes people want to be around you and pay more attention to your message.

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