Tuesday 25 October 2016

50 Cent at it again!

I’ve always been a fan of 50 Cent the artist, but I am an even bigger fan of 50 Cent the businessman. I believe that 50 Cent will be the first rapper to become a billionaire. Although Jay-Z is also a great businessman and they both start trends when it comes to investing (like Jay-Z investing in a basketball team and artists like Usher following), I think 50 Cent is a better businessman because he has made his money in a shorter time period with more exciting business ventures than Jay-Z. 50 cent obviously does his research before getting into something like his blog Thisis50 as opposed to Jay-Z who just recently made his blog LifeandTimes which I find not to be as appealing and user-friendly as 50′s.

50 Cent’s best investment deal was the VitaminWater deal he made in 2004 after he was seen posing with a bottle of the drink in a picture for a Reebok ad. After that, Glaceau, the company that produces VitaminWater offered him a minority stake in the company to pitch VitaminWater. In 2007, Coca-Cola agreed to buy Glaceau for $4.1 billion leaving 50 cent with an estimated $100 million cut out of the deal.


Being in the supplement business myself, I began to notice how lucrative it can be for manufacturers who come out with a good product. But most importantly, I’ve noticed how consumers have trouble trusting dietary supplements and prefer to try the ones that are marketed the most. I’ve always followed 50 Cent’s business ventures because they are creative and he is obviously strategic with his investments. I remember thinking a year ago that if I was 50 Cent, I would come out with my own supplements and I even sent him a message on Twitter telling him that I think that would be a good business for him to get into. I’m not sure if he read it or not but what I do know is that this week, his manager Chris Lighty revealed to Billboard that 50 Cent is working on a new supplement company. Chris told Billboard “We’re working on a new supplement company. We’re going to build new supplements cause it’s a big opportunity like Vitamin Water was. We want to market and promote it when we put out 50′s album. There are different options of penetration for supplements through music; like going to GNC [for] protein shakes, vitamins, [etc.]. No beverage. When you go to a vitamin shop, there’s no one of pop culture [representing], it’s mostly muscle heads. We’ll cut through the clutter with 50 in the store saying, “You want to be 10% of me so take what I’m taking.”

It’s good to see 50 Cent is thinking ahead and getting into the supplement industry. I can’t wait to put them on my shelves.

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